Midas Oil Industries FZC is a well-established entity in the arena of downstream oil industry since over a decade. We started with a refinery and oil movement and storage facilities in Hamriyah free zone (phase 1) along with the support structure of logistics.  Manufacture of grease and lubricants was added subsequently to cater to the needs of their ever growing market scenario, and as an increment to the gamut of products and services of Midas. Refining and manufacturing of grease and lubricants remains the core of our business model.

The state of the art refining units, numbering three, has been promulgated as a very versatile and efficient production facilities which can process various types of raw material to evolve the desired high quality products. These units are supported by world class utilities set – up within our production complex which is incorporated with sustainability and safety, and is also environmentally friendly. The cumulative refining capacity is around 1000 CBM per day.

We are leaders in manufacturing of grease and lubricants, having clientele of the likes of CALTEX, ENOC, National, Mogas, BP, and Castrol; for a variety of specialty products. These products are time tested and are engineered to meet the requirements of our reputed clients. Some of our products are Extreme Pressure Greases, Bentone Greases, Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Marine Oils, etc.

Quality is our perpetual habit and we are an ISO certified company. And we are experts in quality control trait, backed by a complete, one of its kind, laboratory. We also do third party testing of various petroleum products and raw materials.

Oil movement and storage includes storage capacity of 60000 CBM which can be availed for a range of petroleum and other products. This storage is for our manufacturing and trading support as well as to other entities who would agree to be our lessee. Our complex is also connected, to both high draft and low draft jetties of the Hamriyah port, with dedicated pipelines for the specific types of petroleum products for both to and fro transfers.

We adhere to best practices and have a holistic approach towards quality, quantity, finance, deliverance and logistics.

Vision and Mission

Integrate and succeed in all dimensions of oil and energy industry through innovation, expertise, ingenuity, adaptability and sustainability.