We have three distillation units in our production complex at Hamriya Free Zone (Phase 1), Sharjah. All three of them are designed to be versatile in processing variety of raw material, to obtain tailor made products, meeting international standards. Our expertise, in distillation has garnered more to the resourcefulness of these manufacturing facilities, coupled with our in-house innovation and adaptability.

Plant 1 is engineered for batch distillation under high vacuum, atmospheric and pressurized applications. It can typically process a variety of crudes, black diesels, etc. even in the high viscous zones. Containing 7 VERTICAL Kettles of Capacity 22000 Lit and 12 Receivers.

Plant 2 PLC( Program Logic Control) is tailor-made for applications which fall under sensitive distillation operations, where the cut-offs between products is narrow. It is a continuous unit having detailed instrumentation of international standards. Containing 2 Continuous Column Per Day Production Depend upon Feed Stock.

Plant 3 is designed for batch distillation under high vacuum, atmospheric and pressurized applications, and is adapted for a variety of feedstock; without any give away on the quality and quantity of the end products. Containing 6 Horizontal Kettles of Capacity 32000 Lit along with 6 column and 24 Receivers All the three units are highly energy and process efficient, adding to the bottom-line of our organization. The result: sustainable operations even when the margins are meager. Never the less to say we have a very environmental friendly approach.